Identify Theft Protection

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A security plan that is good include activities, such as vigilance, keeping a close eye on finances, and keeping all the important receipts and documents, among others.

You can also get defense and protection services that are provided by companies, that identifies theft protection services. It is not a guarantee to avoid theft, but the warning activity in recovering from identity fraud can limit exposure and loss.

Insurance and Identity Recovery

Whenever identity fraud comes, there may be serious consequences that can happen. Credit records may be affected if payments have been due. Services for identity recovery provide guidance on what to do when a fraud occurs. We will lead you throughout the course of communicating with creditors. We can also help to prevent the further occurrence of fraud by freezing the credit report so that no new contracts can be opened.

Paid Protection or free Resources?

There is a lot of information online that can help you if you are a fraud and identity theft victim. One example is an entitlement of one free credit report a year from credit agencies. You will be issued with statements that you should carefully check.

The self-help type of protection may be effective if done in order. You have to be watchful when it comes to your personal information.

To be completely protected, you can talk with one of our expert techs to help every night and every day. Just a call to Pc Tuneup and you can be freed from the headaches brought to you by the alarming threats.


Before obtaining fraud identity protection, it is important to make sure that your PC is clean and safe from a leak of sensitive information.

A thorough checking of your computers will be done, ensuring they are safe. You can then select the appropriate fraud recovery and identity protection package.